ASEAN International Fleet Review 2017


ASEAN International Fleet Review 2017

ASEAN International Fleet Review 2017

ASEAN International Fleet Review 2017 will be held during November 13 - 22, 2017 to honour the 50th anniversary of ASEAN Economic Community. The event is hosted by The Thai Royal Navy and will take place in Pattaya City. As many of you may know that this year the government suggested all Thais to avoid arranging all kinds of big celebration event. Which resulted in a cancellation of Pattaya International Firework that usually held in the last weekend of November. This Fleet Review is meant to compensate the missing of a great firework this year. You can expect to see more than 50 naval ships and 20 aircrafts from many different countries all around the world. The city has guaranteed to be one of a kind. 

History of fleet review

Fleet review is considered to be a significant event of navy, usually hold on important occasions to show the solidity of a maritime force. Fleet review can be divided into 2 types.

  • Naval Review

Naval review is conducted by all naval ships cast the anchors while the president ship’s sails pass the other naval ships one by one, where all marines stand at salute at the time.  

  • Naval Parade

Naval parade is conducted by all naval ships sail around, as well as, the president ship but with slower speed. When the other naval ships sail pass the president ship, all the marines would stand at salute.

Fleet review in Thailand was perceived from Coronation Review of the United Kingdom which normally holds after a King succeed to the throne. Thailand once sent naval ships to join the Coronation Review of the Fleet by Her Majesty the Queen (Elizabeth II). On October 31, 1954, Thailand arranged its own first fleet review following the western style at Bangsan beach, Chonburi. Fleet reviews, subsequently, have been held in Thailand on any suitable occasion.

After all, ASEAN International Fleet Review 2017 is another major page of Thai navy history since it is not an event that can easily be seen nowadays. Apart from watching the spectacular fleet review and various styles of uniforms from different countries, you can also learn a lot from naval demonstrations, ASEAN cultural shows, and naval technology exhibition.

And this is an exciting up-coming event of Pattaya city that you shall never miss!


ASEAN International Fleet Review

Where: Pattaya Bay and U-tapao International Airport

Why: To honour the 50th anniversary of ASEAN Economic Community

When: November 13 – 22, 2017

Suggestion: The fleet review can be easily seen from the high rise buildings and the mountain top of Phra Tamnak hill