The Sanctuary of Truth

The Sanctuary of Truth was undergone from faith drawn from religion, philosophy and art following the conceptual idea that all human civilizations have been achieved and nurtured by religious and philosophical truth.

The Sanctuary of Truth presents seven carved wooden sculptures of creators who were believed to create all living creatures. On top of the four spires also decorated with 4 different wooden sculptures of gods which have symbolic meanings as religion, life, immortality, and peace.

If you want to see a magical and meaningful architecture, here should not be missed!

Silverlake Vineyard, Pattaya

Experience the magic of SILVERLAKE VINEYARD…. The best new-latitude wines originated in Thailand are now ready to be served here! 

The sprawling 480 acre site of SILVERLAKE VINEYARD sits under blue skies of Thailand’s eastern seaboard waiting to be discovered. With its accessible location, just an easy drive from Bangkok or Pattaya, SILVERLAKE VINEYARD encompasses a multitude of features for visitors

Tiger Park Pattaya

If you are one of the animal lovers, Tiger Park Pattaya is the best answer!

The Tiger Park aims to increase the tiger population, as well as improve the overall living conditions. Since the tigers are fed with special diet of milk and chicken, they tend to be less aggressive. The tigers, therefore, can be visited by tourists. You can also spend time and take photos with them side by side!

Ramayana water park

Your kids call for an exotic holiday? Why don’t you go to Ramayana Water Park? 

Ramayana Water Park offers 21 of the biggest, best, most exhilarating rides, including four that you will find nowhere else in Asia. All are constructed of the highest quality materials to the most exacting internationally-approved safety standards, all are watched over by highly trained operatives and life guards. Ride as much as you want, as often as you want – once you’ve purchased the great value entrance ticket all the rides are free, all day long!

Pattaya Floating Market

The 4 Regions Floating Market is increasingly popular among tourists. There is a set of Thai style houses built in different regional architectures located in the middle of a large pond. The pond has small water alleyways as well as a wooden bridges that allows visitors to walk around and buy products from all 4 regions in Thailand. The market also offers boat service for those who would like to sit down, cruise along and experience traditional Thai lifestyle. A numerous types of food are available in those houses at reasonable price. Furthermore, there is an adventure sling activity which guests can hang themselves on a sling across the water alleyway. Wood carving Museum is located within the market. At the gate of the market, Thai house with a replica of the Lord Ganesh carved from wood for those who would like worship. There are also Thai cultural shows including Thai traditional dances and sea boxing show.