All of the Bronze, None of the Burn


It is undeniable that suntanning is a popular activity to do when you arrive Thailand. Especially in Pattaya, the city of long beach and resort site, you should not miss that! Imagine walking around with your golden and glam skin while your friends and colleagues cannot stop questioning you about the recent holiday in Thailand even they know it was so perfect. By the way, suntanning is not just laying on beach mat and staying still until your skin get burnt, safety is also needed to be concerned. You should know how to protect your skin and get it like a sun-kiss glow.


 As a beach seeker, an islander, and a suntanning devotee, I really know how to safely get tan. Trust me, relax your nerves and follow these steps. Let's go!

1. SUN CREAM/ SUN SPRAY/ SUN OIL: The key agent of getting tan


There is a fact that some people think that in getting tan, any moisturizer with SPF is not to be in the list. The wrong idea would totally ruin your sensitive skin. The sun cream, sun spray, or sun oil, depending on which one you do prefer,  with SPF would make your skin gradually tan and protect your skin from getting burnt. After picking up your preferable swimming suit or bikinis then grab the favorite scent of sun agent containing moisturizer and SPF of 8 or 10. Apply all over your skin, do not miss any spots.

2. Duration matters


From my experience, I suggest you to do suntan only 1 or 2 hours per day depending on how your skin is. If you are with the light skin, spend less time than the darker person. Our melanins have their own limitation of producing themselves. Therefore, it is pointless to be in the sun for long hours and get your own skin damaged. 

Keep going with it 1 or 2 hours daily until you get your choice of colour.

3. Small stripes should be OK!

Some stripes of the swimming suit or bikinis leaved on your skin would create the finest look after suntanning. However, make sure that only stripes from swimming suits or bikinis are leaved on your skin. You absolutely don’t forget to get your front and back tanned but how about under of your arms? When tanning your front, have your arms up so that your under arm would get tanned as well.

4. Quick shower after suntan


It is really important to last your tanned skin as long as possible. Therefore, after suntanning, take a quick shower just to rinse the sun cream off. Note that the soap should not be used since it would remove the skin that is getting colour and make your skin dry.

5. Glam with a tan

Use moisturizer as your daily routine. Apply it all over your body day and night to keep your tanned skin looks alive and radiant. There are also some kinds of food known to increase lycopene, the skin’s own SPF, such as red or orange fruit and vegetable. Apply moisturizer, eat well, and drink water a lot.

For this summer, let’s go out in the sun. 

Face the ocean wind